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The lineage of kings and artisans. The aristocratic families of the world. Great works of art. Vintage wines. All have one thing in common, and that is provenance that confirms origin and worth, and may be used to project value over time. That is Rare.

Of course, a diamond has to be natural to be rare. After all, there is nothing rarer than a diamond born of the ground and hardened to perfection throughout the course of time. And then fashioned by skilled artisans who are experts at unveiling the beauty hidden within each rough crystal.

At the same time, the characteristics of the diamond also contribute to its rarity. Brian Gavin specializes in rare diamonds of larger carat weight, higher clarity, and unique colors.

Under those circumstances, it is no longer necessary to wait for an auction. Because now you can buy rare diamonds in comfort and security. With the added advantage of detailed insight without the pounding pressure of the gavel.

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15.8ct Fancy Intense Pink
5ct E VS1
15ct D IF

Client Qualifications


UHNW Status

Because of the rare nature of these diamonds, we only share details with people who are prequalified to buy them.

Elusive, Exclusive and Rare


Introduce Yourself

In compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act and Anti-money laundering laws, it is necessary for us to verify your identity using standard methods and practices. After all, the Know Your Customer (KYC Policy) is a mandatory framework for everybody involved in finance and high value monetary instruments.


Income Verification

In order to verify your identity and eligibility to purchase, we may use one or more standard methods and procedures.



Natural Diamonds that are elusive and rare. Exclusively available to those with an unrelenting passion for quality.

The sensation of owning something rare is a feeling that few people will experience in their lifetime. As a matter of fact, it is a rare experience to see diamonds like these. Because they are usually reserved for the inner circle of the finest auction houses.

Investment grade natural diamonds of discerning sizes, qualities, and unique colors.

The Legendary Allure of Rare Diamonds

Bigger. Better. Bolder. Brighter. Diamonds of rare origin, size, colors, clarities, and qualities. The kind of gems that deserve names and that have inspired legend throughout the ages.

How to Apply to see Rare stones Online

Brought to you by fifth-generation diamond cutter, Brian Gavin. For you to peruse from the comfort of your home or office and buy with the strictest of confidence.

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